Marry Me, Prince!

The Celestial Lovers Series, Book 1

by Eve Healy

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Emery Ursus is known as the Rose of Ursus within the Loren Empire. As the only legitimate son of the militaristic dukedom of Ursus, his future is set in stone. Unfortunately, as the heir, he’s forced to marry a woman and produce heirs, though it’s an open secret within his family that he is gay. But in exchange for the power and easy lifestyle, it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make. It becomes even more of a boon when it’s announced that his bride-to-be is none other than the sole Imperial Princess Hermine Loren.

To ensure he’s the right husband for the princess, the emperor has asked that Emery come and stay in the capital for a set time before planning the wedding. Emery is only that much more excited, as this is his chance to explore and enjoy the capital and the men there. However, in the capital, the only man he is interested in is the second Imperial Prince, Gideon Loren. There’s a magnetic connection between the two that is inexplicable, but before they have the chance to explore this connection, Emery is murdered by none other than his illegitimate brother in a plot by his father to frame the second prince and start a war to take over the Loren Empire for Ursus.

For an unexplainable, mystical reason, Emery finds himself reborn just before he’s sent to the capital. Knowing what lies ahead, Emery is determined to change his fate, and he plans to enlist Gideon’s help. As it turns out, Gideon planned to take the line of succession for himself, and overthrowing the militaristic Ursus would be one more notch in his belt. The two join forces, ready to change the landscape of the Loren Empire forever, one as the reliable prince and the other as the prince’s beautiful fiance. What they don’t know is that their budding relationship has been written in the stars since time immemorial. Is fate on their side, or are they destined for ruin?

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